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Apr , 14


Hello Everyone! First of all we hope to find you safe and in good health. You and your family.

Today I would like to bring another topic into discussion. We all are going through tough times due to the world pandemic 🦠 and the marble sector is no exception.

MARBLE Business Lockdown

Every country, every business is being affected by this lockdown, and therefore we believe that more than ever it’s time to support each other and share valuable knowledge: together we will be stronger! 💪🏼

World wide markets are being affected as Daily Sabah reports a drop in Turkish marble exports of around 50% and Economic Times assesses the result on the different Indian markets for example.

Of course these are times that we must worry about, but keep in mind that for the very first time in human history, we are all together on this fight. This is not a problem isolated on a country, specific economy or particular sector such as the marble, but a world wide issue, and with this in mind we must feel somehow helpful.


At Gold Stone we are still running. We kept the minimum necessary people working in order to continue extracting and transforming our stones. In the end of the day we are passionate about marble, don’t you?

But our mission number one was to protect our teams and their family. We also tough about our customer business, that’s why we continue working in order to keep supporting the projects of our customers. They need marble! Therefore we had to implement special health regulations, but we are still working with extra effort.

“Work 10 times more and expect half of the outcomes”

Gold Stone CEO João Maria Branco

The mindset has to be clear across the entire organisation. We need extra effort to have minimum results. And specially on the marble sector/industry.

We have a strong feeling of mission, and we want to keep it stronger than ever. And more important, focused on the horizon. We believe things will be better and we are working now to be ready to BOOOM again! We are convicted that this resilience is key on times like this and we want to bring this energy and drive to you.

We are still exporting worldwide these days, but the number of ships available have dropped a lot and this is being a big challenge for us. Logistic response dropped down and cost went up💥

Lets support each other and share the lessons learned

But after all the important is being positive and keep pushing hard!! 💪🏼💪🏼 Again, more than ever it’s time to support each other and share valuable knowledge. I’m sure all of us are finding quick-wins and small things that we can all benefit from, and if we share with everyone, we can all come out of this stronger than ever.

And always remember: if you need anything from us, just let us know. We are more than happy to share our experience and journey with everyone on the natural stone business.

So, how are you adapting to this new world panorama?

  • How are you getting along?
  • Did you completely stop?
  • Have you adapted your business?
  • How are you selling?
  • What are your lessons learn?

Let’s share our experiences on the comments bellow. The contribution of everyone is extremely beneficial for all of us. We are looking forward to ear from your!

  1. Tânia Sousa

    Nice article! All economies will suffer. But soon we will need to keep going with our businesses, always protecting our customers, collaborators and their families.

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