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New Gold Stone Website

Feb , 20
New Gold Stone Website

New online address

Welcome to our – your! – new website. This is the beginning of a new era for Gold Stone, where we are evolving our structure and processes in order to provide a unique user experience to all our customers.

With an increasingly digital World, launching our website was a must. We are not only focused on our incredible marbles themselves, but mainly on the experience of our customers having access to it. Because in the end of the day, it is all about you! Taking this said, please be sure that the website is just another tool amongst many other.

We want to bring to Gold Stone the digital revolution we are all being part of, always having in focus the link between us and you – a long term relationship.

New Website

At this new website you can discover everything about Gold Stone. Our genesis, our products and our daily work.

But more important, through the News Section, now we have an open channel of communication, where you will be informed about all our activities and developments.

But you know what? Just keep reading…

This is for you to use!

This new important communication channel was thought to be unidirectional.

We don’t want you to be passive and just read our latest news, but instead to be active. Very active!

So please engage with us either through the comments section – see bellow-, or through the contact form on the contact page. Send us any feedback you might have, any suggestion, any idea or even any random night thoughts. Again, we are here for you and this website is the result of it.


And to finish this first post, let us just Thank You for being on that side! We are very excited with the upcoming times and hope to have you onboard for long time.

We are looking forward to what’s coming next!

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Gold Stone new website
Gold Stone New Website

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