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Blue Lagoon

Gold Stone Marbles

Marble Description

Blue Lagoon presents itself as the petrification of water where rays of light are immortalised at the bottom of a pond, bringing a refreshing feeling to each space. With its bluish-gray tones, it is an avant-garde touch with the deepness of a mountain lagoon.

Color: Bluish-grey with light reflections.

Application: Interior architecture and decoration. Exterior walls.

Blue Lagoon 1

Mechanical Properties

Density: 2710 kg/m3
Water Absorption @ N.At.P: 0.1 %
Open Porosity: 0.3 %
Flexural Strength: 119 kg/cm2
Compression Strength: 810 kg/cm2
Abrasion Resistance: 2.2 mm

Blue Lagoon 2