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Estremoz Rosa Portugal

Gold Stone Marbles

Marble Description

Estremoz Rosa Portugal is a soft pink marble, with a crystalline structure formed by fine grains blends clear structures remembering the soft waves of the Atlantic with subtle darker veins. It brings any space to the colorful memories of the Atlantic sunsets during spring time.

Color: Soft Pink with light waves.

Application: Architecture and Interior Design. Exterior walls. Light translucent material in specific thicknesses.

Estremoz Rosa Portugal 1

Mechanical Properties

Density: 2710 kg/m3
Water Absorption @ N.At.P: 0.1 %
Open Porosity: 0.3 %
Flexural Strength: 100 kg/cm2
Compression Strength: 940 kg/cm2
Abrasion Resistance: 3.1 mm

Estremoz Rosa Portugal 2