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Gold Stone Marbles

Marble Description

Ruivina is bluish-colored marble with dark structures and black rivers, elevates the atmosphere of each space to a deeply intimate level. These patterns bring us to the infinite mood of a distant galaxy.

Color: Blackish Grey.

Application: Interior architecture and decoration.

Ruivina 1

Mechanical Properties

Density: 2700 kg/m3
Water Absorption @ N.At.P: 0.1 %
Open Porosity: 0.3 %
Flexural Strength: 140 kg/cm2
Compression Strength: 863 kg/cm2
Abrasion Resistance: 2.0 mm

Ruivina 2


Ruivina is one of the most versatile marbles with its unique character and structures. Just think about all the applications and let your creativity flow without limits.

Ruivina 3


Feel inspired by the purest marbles on earth, from Portugal, and count on us to support your vision.

Together we can make the impossible, possible. Let's work together.

Ruivina 4